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it's totally clear ... it's the LINK called love
if it stays connected to the very end ... strengthened we'll soar into the sky

This means:

personal life = friends locked
rants = friends locked
original fiction = friends locked*

fanfiction = open
bases = open
shout outs = open

I consider myself a pretty nice person. I angst at times and I squee at times and do most of the stuff in between - and when I do it, I post about it. I post about my fandom exploits and my likes and dislikes. You'll find lots of gay pride and lots of homophobia-hatred. If you still think I could be an interesting acqaintance, feel free to comment and I'll add you.

New friends are always welcome.

* the original fiction that doesn't qualify to be posted at my seperate writing journal, tachi_no_futari, about the dynamics and relationships between butch women.

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New Sailor Moon AU and Crossover Community

Well, I've been a sucker for Sailor Moon AUs and crossovers for quite some time, so decided it was about time we had a community dedicated to these specific genres.

Open membership, moderated by me, all AU and crossover fic: check out sailormoon_au.

♥ S.


You might have noticed how my activity in this journal has gradually dropped. Mostly it's probably got to do with how roleplaying has taken over MY LIFE, but besides that - I also think, I've simply had this journal become too much fandom, too little me.

I could change that, simply by beginning to post about myself here, but... I think I need a more radical change to save my online LJ life. So I'm changing journal. Again, you might think, but I think this time is different from the one thousand other times I've created a new journal. First off, the new journal is not specifically original writing centred. There'll probably be original writing in it, but it's not what drives it. As of yet, I don't know what will fuel it - maybe nothing in particular, maybe everything. It's new and it's shiny and I'm free to do with it what I want.

Nevertheless, I post here to let those of you who still follow this journal know. I've already friended some of you with my new journal and you are free to friend back, if you feel that you'd like to get to know me again or maybe... start getting to know me for the first time. But if you do not wish to follow the new journal, for whatever reason (like: you know it's just another failed project on my behalf >_< I don't blame you), either just don't friend it, or if you can see that I've re-friended you, comment to this entry and tell me to leave you the heck alone. No hard feelings. It's important to choose your friends carefully, after all.

From now on this journal will be... if not entirely dead, then pretty dead. The major change with my new journal is that it will be fanfiction/fandom-related stuff free. There will be fandom rants, reviews of manga and anime, odd little thoughts from time to time, but no fanfiction. No icons/bases. Nothing like that. Any Sailor Moon fanfiction not in connection to my spiffy new AU universe (see josei_otokoyaku) will still be posted here (the same if I gain a new fandom, which, as we all know, happens to me often enough). Bases and icons - same.

So, this is your chance. If you think a goodbye is due, please comment! If I'm not going to see your name on my friends of list on my new journal, I'd always love to be able to thank you for the time we have enjoyed together. It might not seem like it, but you've all meant something to me while I've had this journal - I just feel that it's time to move on and I know I'm a bumpy ride that not everybody wants to try on twice.

Thank you. This journal has been very good to me.

~ S.

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Beautiful Happiness. Kanbe Miyuki tribute.

Title: Beautiful Happiness
Author: Es
Length: ~330 words
Author's Notes: So, today I stumbled across the encore to Last Dracul, more specifically La Soldier. It made my Miyuki-obsession return full force and with it, my sadness over her still recent death. I'm no good at AMVs and writing works better on my emotions anyway, so here you go. A little personal... piece of writing... on Kanbe Miyuki.

From the way you look at me...Collapse )

Two Seiya-centred Drabbles

Title: Offstage
Author: MoonFighter
Fandom: Sailor Moon (anime-verse)
Characters: Seiya
Pairings: Unrequited Seiya/Usagi and some implied Fighter/Kakyuu
Rating: G
Word Count: ~360
Summary: He knows they're singing for their Princess, but just this once he'll sing for someone else as well.
Author's Notes: Basically my interpretation of Seiya's thoughts when he's standing on stage in episode 190, hoping that Usagi will be there to listen. Third person log from my Seiya application to polychromatic.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Takeuchi Naoko owns it all. I only play around a little.

(Sailor Teleport to that other journal...)

Title: Transparent & Glasslike
Author: MoonFighter
Fandom: Sailor Moon (anime-verse)
Characters: Seiya
Pairings: Unrequited Seiya/Usagi-Fighter/Usagi and some implied Usagi/Mamoru
Rating: PG-13 for implied masturbation
Word Count: ~270
Summary: Fighter had never felt foreign in Seiya's body.
Author's Notes: Inspired by a TV programm I saw about a female-to-male transsexual in the UK, but actually I think this theme is pretty obvious when working with Seiya in anime canon.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Takeuchi Naoko owns it all. I only play around a little.

(Sailor Teleport to that other journal again...)

... or Dream, Read or Dream fic

The madness continues. Since Read or Dream is a really funny manga, I tried catching the lightheartedness of it in this fic that involves a lot of Maggie, a lot of Michelle (and Michelle's breasts) and a little Anita to balance things out. Enjoy!

Title: ...or Dream
Author: animimares aka shoujo-ai no shijin
Fandom: Read or Dream
Characters: Maggie, Michelle, Anita, some not quite intended Maggie/Michelle if you squint.
Summary: Maggie's not afraid of thunder, she just doesn't like the idea of lying awake all by herself without a book for comfort.
Notes: LOL. Just... LOL.

Her life always ends up resembling a scene from a manga or even more so, a silly dream...Collapse )

LINK, Maggie-fic

So, ever so slowly making ready to playing Maggie for polychromatic. Simply background development and character profile ficlet, but I actually like it a lot, even though I still don't think I've gotten Maggie's inner voice quite right. Getting there, though. Getting there.

Title: LINK
Author: animimares aka shoujo-ai no shijin
Fandom: R.O.D (Read or Dream Manga)
Characters: Maggie, some Anita and a few mentions of Michelle - sorry, K. I think I need an entire fic to be able to fully decribe their relationship.
Rating: Utterly G. No pairings in this one at all. O_o!
Author's Notes: It was meant to be a general fic about how Maggie grew from her initial thoughts on loneliness to the Maggie we experience in the manga, but really, it seems to have ended up being more of a moment in time fic with Maggie thinking back on herself after her little talk with Anita in the kitchen in chapter... eh... third or second to last. Don't have the manga with me.

It's the LINK called love...Collapse )



I'd completely forgotten the symbolism of this video.

Who's looking in and who's looking out? Who's free and who's not?

Geez, I feel 15 again.

Writer's Block: One Hit Wonder Day

Today's National One Hit Wonder Day. Whole albums or entire ouvres can be quite impressive, but more often than not, individual songs have the largest impact on us. Which one hit wonders have played a major role in your life?

All the Things She Said by TATU.

I guess this will be quite personal. But it's not like I have anything to hide, so why not...

I came out to my parents at the age of 15. At that point I'd been talking, for almost half a year, online and on the phone with a girl from Copenhagen who would later become my first girlfriend. Thinking back on that period, it was less difficult than it seemed at the time. I wasn't in the closet for... more than a year, I think, before deciding to tell my parents about my sexual orientation, but that one year did feel like an eternity. An eternity in hell at that.

Around those months, TATU hit the European charts with "All the Things She Said" and one day when I was home alone, I saw the music video for that same song on television. I don't think I can really express what emotions it awoke in me. Today I can say many less pleasant things about the manifactured lesbianism that soon became TATU's image, but back then it didn't matter to me whether they were fakes or not. The song and not least the video spoke to feelings in me that I recognised and hadn't seen expressed and thus openly embraced by others than the girl I was in love with.

I bought the single the next day. It was in March, only a couple a weeks before my birthday. For the next many days, I listened to that song non-stop, both the original Russian version and the adapted English one. I remember especially the evening before my 15-year's birthday - the day before I came out to my parents - where I'd locked the door to my room, closed the curtains and put out all the light in the room. Everything was darkness around me, but that song played on my CD-player. Again and again. On repeat. I even think it was the Russian version, so I didn't understand a single word, but I understood the feelings of it and the emotions it awoke in me.

To say that "All the Things She Said" was the entire reason I came out would probably be a bit too much, but it had a big impact on my decision on coming out and what can't be denied is that it helped me overcome my fear of rejection and hatred. I realised, by listening to and watching "All the Things She Said", that "I can try to pretend", but in the end pretending would only destroy all the beautiful things about how I felt.

And even today, having realised a lot of things about both TATU and the concept of that song, I still love it. I still think it's quite moving and a pretty nice listen.
Read or Dream, vol. 1, chapter 5 and 6.

Wow. I've ever actually cried over manga before. Normally it takes voices, crying (especially a sobbing or numb-sounding Ogata Megumi) and... well, just audio. But these two chapters were so heart-wrenchingly well put-together and OMG SO SAD AND HAPPY AND YURI-ISH. I love Maggie so so so so so so so so so so x 700 much and Fay is just the cutest and I do hope the letter Maggie receives in vol. 4 is from her, because THAT KISS NEEDS TO HAPPEN.

Fanfiction coming right up.

No, seriously. I cried. Also the second time around. Maggie is my new favourite character. She's just wonderful. A lot like Rei from Marimite, but with Tatsuki-hair and cool Paper Master abilities. Yup, magical girl of the best kind.

The manga altogether was wonderful and entertaining. I really love the relationship between these three characters, Anita, Michelle and Maggie. Their background story is just so touching and I totally follow the bibliphilia theme going on.

Mmm, boooooks.

Maggie. *wistful sigh* You're too good to me.

I need Maggie icons.