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animi mares

crossing over to that yuri star

shoujo-ai no shijin
20 March 1988
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Es lives in a world that isn’t always to her liking, but mostly it is. Es lives in a world filled with pretty girls, manga and real. Es lives in a world where words make the sun rise in the morning and set in the evening.

Es loves anime and manga. Es loves girls. Es loves her girlfriend. Es loves writing. Es loves icons. Es loves Sera Myu and music. Es loves yuri. Es loves lesbianism.

Es has a semi-friends locked journal where everything personal is friends only and everything fandom is not. Es has a separate writing journal for fiction about butch women (tachi_no_futari). Es has a dream of one day becoming a vicar. Es has an addiction to notebooks and pencils. Es has a lot of theology books and even more unfinished word documents on her computer.

Es is a pretty agreeable person. Es is a lesbian. Es is a Christian. Es is convinced that the two latter statements are easily compatible. Es is an amateur writer. Es is a fandom lover and a comment whore. Es is a Japan freak. Es is 20 years old. Es is quite ego-centred.

Es moderates two communities, celebrate_idaho and yuri_notebook. Es thinks you should go check them both out (and her writing journal as well). Es accepted stoberry_imp’s rosary and has become her petite soeur, the bouton of the Rosa Lilium family over at soeur_system. Es roleplays two characters in the LJ roleplaying game polychromatic, Kurusugawa Himeko (Kannazuki no Miko) and Seiya Kou (Sailor Moon). Es often makes crazy rants in her personal journal about topics such as anime/manga, gender roles, homophobia, gay pride, writing and everything in between. Es invites everybody to join in the fun and participate in the discussion.

Did I mention that Es is a comment whore?

Es thinks this is all you need to know for now.

~ S.